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quantum problems
134 S. Matsuura, HN,W. Vinci and D. A. Lidar Nested quantum annealing correction at finite temperature: p-spin models arXiv:1803.01492 PDF   Quantum optimization
133  Y. Susa, Y. Yamashiro, M. Yamamoto and HN Exponential speedup of quantum annealing by inhomogeneous driving of the transverse field [Editor's Choice] J. Phys. Soc. Jpn. 87, 023022 (2018) PDF    Quantum optimization
132 K. Nishimura and HN Quantum annealing with a non-vanishing final value of the transverse field Phys. Rev. A 96, 042310 (2017)  PDF  Quantum optimization
131 M. Ohkuwa and HN Exact expression of the energy gap at first-order quantum phase transitions of a non-stoquastic Hamiltonian J. Phys. Soc. Jpn. 86, 114004 (2017) PDF  Quantum optimization
130 M. Wauters, R. Fazio, HN, and G. E. Santoro Direct comparison of quantum and simulated annealing on a fully-connected Ising ferromagnet Phys. Rev. A 96, 022326 (2017) PDF  Quantum optimization
129 Y. Susa, J. F. Jadebeck, and HN Relation between quantum fluctuations and the performance enhancement of quantum annealing in a non-stoquastic Hamiltonian Phys. Rev. A 95, 042321 (2017)  PDF   Quantum optimization
128 S. Matsuura, HN, W. Vinci, T. Albash, and D. A. Lidar Quantum annealing correction at finite temperature: ferromagnetic p-spin models Phys. Rev. A 95, 022308 (2017)  PDF  Quantum optimization
127 HN and K. Takada Exponential enhancement of the efficiency of quantum annealing by non-stoquastic Hamiltonians Frontiers in ICT 4, 2 (2017)  PDF  Quantum optimization
126 K. Nishimura, HN, A. J. Ochoa, and H.G. Katzgraber Retrieving the ground state of spin glasses using thermal noise: Performance of quantum annealing at finite temperatures Phys. Rev. E 94, 032105 (2016) PDF  Spin Glass/ Quantum optimization
125 K. Takada and HN Critical properties of dissipative quantum spin systems in finite dimensions J. Phys. A 49, 435001 (2016) arXiv:1602.08187   Quantum phase transition
124 S. Matsuura, HN, T. Albash, and D. A. Lidar Mean field analysis of quantum error correction Phys. Rev. Lett. 116, 220501 (2016) PDF  Quantum optimization
123 M. Okuyama, Y. Yamanaka, HN and M. Rams Anomalous behavior of the energy gap in the one-dimensional quantum XY model Phys. Rev. E 92, 052116 (2015) PDF  Quantum phase transition
122 K. Kaneko and HN Adiabatic approximation for the imaginary-time Schrödinger equation and its application to simulated annealing JPSJ 84 (2015) 094001  arXiv:1504.00425  Quantum optimization
121 Y. Seki and HN Quantum annealing with antiferromagnetic transverse interactions for the Hopfield model J. Phys. A 48 (2015) 335301 arXiv:1410.0450  Quantum optimization
120 HN Comparison of quantum annealing and simulated annealing Eur. Phys. J. Special Topics 224 (2015) 15  Quantum optimization
119 HN, J. Tsuda and S. Knysh Comparative study of the performance of quantum annealing and simulated annealing Phys. Rev. E91 (2015) 012104 PDF  Quantum optimization
118 J. Tsuda and HN Mean-field theory is exact for the random-field model with long-range interactions JPSJ 83 (2014) 074002  arXiv:1402.1581  General spin systems
117 J. Tsuda, Y. Yamanaka and HN Energy gap at first-order quantum phase transitions: An anomalous case JPSJ 82 (2013) 114004 arXiv:1306.2142  Quantum optimization/Quantum phase transition
116 R. Miyazaki and HN Real-space renormalization group approach to the random transverse-field Ising model in finite dimensions PR E 87 (2013) 032154 PDF Spin glass/quantum spin
115 Y. Murata and HN Ensemble inequivalence in the spherical spin glass model with nonlinear interactions JPSJ 81 (2012) 114008 arXiv:1207.4887 Ensemble inequivalence
114 B. Seoane and HN Many-body transverse interactions in the quantum annealing of the p-spin ferromagnet JPA 45 (2012) 435301 arXiv:1207.2909 Quantum optimization
113 Y. Seki and HN Quantum annealing with antiferromagnetic fluctuations PR E 85 (2012) 051112 PDF Quantum optimization
-- A.C.C. Coolen, HN, N. Sourlas, and K.Y.M. Wong Many-body theory, magnetism, spin glasses and related phenomena: Preface to the special issue to celebrate the 70th birthday of Prof Sherrington Phil. Mag. 92 (2012) 1 -- --
112 Z. Bertalan and HN Many-body spin glasses in the microcanonical ensemble Phil. Mag. 92 (2012) 2-15 arXiv:1102.3756 Ensemble inequivalence
111 K. Takahashi, HN and V. Martin-Mayor Ensemble equivalence in spin systems with short-range interactions J. Stat. Mech. (2011) P08024 arXiv:1105.6144 Ensemble inequivalence
110 M. Ohzeki, H. Katsuda and HN Nonequilibrium work on spin glasses in longitudinal and transverse fields JPSJ 80 (2011) 084002 arXiv:1104.0484 Spin glass/Quantum optimization
109 Y. Matsuda, HN, L. Zdeborova and F. Krzakala Random-field p-spin glass model on regular random graphs JP A 44 (2011) 185002 arXiv:1101.5863 Spin glass
108 HN Microcanonical analysis of spin glasses using gauge symmetry JPSJ 80 (2011) 023002 arXiv:1101.2795 Ensemble inequivalence
107 Z. Bertalan, T. Kuma, Y. Matsuda and HN Ensemble inequivalence in the ferromagnetic p-spin model in random fields J. Stat. Mech. (2011) P01016 arXiv:1101.3809 Ensemble inequivalence
106 R. Miyazaki, HN and G. Ortiz Real-space renormalization group for the transverse-field Ising model in two and three dimensions PR E 83 (2011) 051103 PDF Quantum spin
105 M. Ohzeki and HN Quantum annealing: An introduction and new developments J. Comp. Theor. Nanoscience 8 (2011) 963 PDF Quantum optimization
104 Z. Bertalan, HN and H. Orland Accelerated stochastic sampling of discrete statistical systems PR E 82 (2010) 056704 PDF Classical sampling
103 M. Ohzeki and HN Non-equilibrium relations for spin glasses with gauge symmetry [News and Comments] JPSJ 79 (2010) 084003 arXiv:1004.2389 Spin glass
102 Y. Matsuda, M. Müller, HN, T. Obuchi and A. Scardicchio Distribution of partition function zeros of the ±J model on the Bethe lattice [Highlights of 2010] JP A 43 (2010) 285002 arXiv:1001.4873 Spin glass
101 M. Ohzeki and HN Analytical evidence for the absence of spin glass transition in self-dual lattices JP A 42 (2009) 332001 arXiv:0905.3623 Spin glass
100 Y. Matsuda, HN and H. G. Katzgraber Ground-state statistics from annealing algorithms: Quantum vs classical approaches New J. Phys. 11 (2009) 073012 PDF Quantum optimization
99 T. Obuchi, Y. Kabashima and HN Complex Replica Zeros of ±J Ising Spin Glass at Zero Temperature JP A 42 (2009) 075004 arXiv:0809.2635 Spin glass
98 S. Morita and HN Mathematical foundation of quantum annealing J. Math. Phys. 49 (2008) 125210 PDF Quantum optimization
97 P. Contucci, C. Giardinà and HN Spin glass identities and the Nishimori line Prog. in Probability 62 (2009) 103-121 arXiv:0805.7541 Spin glass
96 M. Ohzeki, HN and A. N. Berker Multicritical points for the spin glass models on hierarchical lattices PR E 77 (2008) 061116 PDF Spin glass
95 C. Güven, A. N. Berker, M. Hinczewski and HN Reentrant and forward phase diagrams of the anisotropic three-dimensional Ising spin glass PR E 77 (2008) 061110 PDF Spin glass
-- A.C.C. Coolen, HN, N. Sourlas, and K.Y.M. Wong Viewing the world through spin glasses: Preface to the special issue in honour of Prof Sherrington JP A 41 (2008) 320301 -- --
94 Y. Matsuda, HN and K. Hukushima Distribution of Lee-Yang zeros and Griffiths singularities in the ±J model of spin glasses JP A 41 (2008) 324012 arXiv:0712.4063 Spin glass
93 H. Kitatani, HN and A. Aoki Inequalities for the local energy of random Ising models JPSJ 76 (2007) 074711 cond-mat/0703199 Spin glass
92 S. Morita and HN Convergence of quantum annealing with real-time Schrödinger dynamics JPSJ 76 (2007) 064002 quant-ph/0702252 Quantum optimization
91 S. Suzuki, HN and M. Suzuki Quantum annealing of the random-field Ising model by transverse ferromagnetic interactions PR E 75 (2007) 051112 PDF Quantum optimization
90 T. Obuchi, HN and D. Sherrington Phase diagram of the p-spin interacting spin glass with ferromagnetic bias and a transverse field in the infinite-p limit JPSJ 75 (2007) 054002 cond-mat/0611168
Spin glass
89 HN Duality in spin glasses J. Stat. Phys. 126 (2007) 977-986 cond-mat/0602453 Spin glass
88 S. Morita and HN Convergence theorems for quantum annealing JP A 39 (2006) 13903-13920 quant-ph/0608154 Quantum optimization
87 M. Ohzeki and HN Internal energy of the Potts model on the triangular lattice with two- and three-body interactions JPSJ 75 (2006) 114003 cond-mat/0605688 General spin systems
86 HN and M. Ohzeki Location of the multicritical point of the Ising spin glass on the triangular and hexagonal lattices JPSJ 75 (2006) 034004 PDF Spin glass
85 S. Morita, Y. Ozeki and HN Gauge theory for quantum spin glasses [News and Comments] JPSJ 75 (2006) 014001 PDF Spin glass
84 P. Contucci, S. Morita and HN Surface terms on the Nishimori line of the gaussian Edwards-Anderson model J. Stat. Phys. 122(2006) 303-312 math-phys/0503023 Spin glass
83 K. Takeda, T. Sasamoto and HN Exact location of the multicritical point for finite-dimensional spin glasses: A conjecture JP A 38 (2005) 3751-3774 preprint Spin glass
82 HN and P. Sollich Error counting in a quantum error-correcting code and the ground-state energy of a spin glass JPSJ 73 (2004) 2701-2707 PDF Spin glass/quantum information
81 S. Morita, HN and P. Contucci Griffiths inequalities for the gaussian spin glass JP A 37 (2004) L203-L209 preprint Spin glass
80 T. Hamasaki and HN Exact ground-state energies of the random-field Ising chain and ladder JPSJ 73 (2004) 1490-1495 PDF Random field
79 K. Takeda and HN Self-dual random-plaquette gauge model and the quantum toric code Nucl. Phys. B 686 (2004) 377-396 preprint Lattice gauge/quantum information
-- E. Marinari, HN and F. Ricci-Tersenghi Statistical physics of disordered systems: from real materials to optimization and codes: Preface to a special issue on spin glasses JP A 36 (2003) -- --
78 J.-M. Maillard, K. Nemoto and HN Symmetry, complexity and multicritical point of the two-dimensional spin glass JP A 36 (2003) 9799-9825 preprint Spin glass
77 T. Hosaka, Y. Kabashima and HN Statistical Mechanics of lossy data compression using a non-monotonic perceptron PR E 66 (2002) 066126 PDF Information
76 HN Derivatives and inequalities for order parameters in the Ising spin glass JP A 35 (2002) 9541-9548 preprint Spin glass
75 HN, C. Falvo and Y. Ozeki Energy fluctuations at the multicritical point in two-dimensional spin glasses JP A 35 (2002) 8171-8178 preprint Spin glass
74 HN and K. Nemoto Duality and multicritical point of two-dimensional spin glasses JPSJ 71 (2002) 1198-1199 PDF Spin glass
73 Y. Saika and HN Statistical mechanics of image restoration by the plane rotator model JPSJ 71 (2002) 1052-1058 PDF Information
72 HN Comment on 'Statistical Mechanics of CDMA Multiuser Demodulation' Europhys. Lett. 57 (2002) 302-303 preprint Information
71 T. Sasamoto, T. Toyoizumi and HN Statistical mechanics of an NP-complete problem : Subset sum JP A 34 (2001) 9555-9567 preprint Information
70 P. Gillin, HN and D. Sherrington Multispin Ising spin glass with ferromagnetic interactions JP A 34 (2001) 2949-2964 preprint Spin glass
69 P. Sollich, HN, A. C. C. Coolen and A. J. van der Sijs Non-trivial phase behaviour in the infinite-range quantum Mattis model JPSJ 69 (2000) 3200-3213 PDF Quantum spin
68 K. Y. M. Wong and HN Error-correcting codes and image restoration with multiple stages of dynamics PR E 62 (2000)179-190 PDF Information
67 HN and K.Y.M. Wong Statistical mechanics of image restoration and error-correcting codes PR E 60 (1999) 132-144 PDF Information
66 T. Kadowaki and HN Quantum annealing in the transverse Ising model PR E 58 (1998) 5355-5363 PDF Quantum optimization
65 HN and J. Inoue Convergence of simulated annealing using the generalized transition probability JPA 31 (1998) 5661-5672 preprint Information
64 J. Inoue, HN and Y. Kabashima Generalization ability of a perceptron with nonmonotonic transfer function PR E 58 (1998) 849-860 PDF Neural net
63 M. Yamana, H. Nishimori T. Kadowaki and D. Sherrington High-temperature dynamics of spin glasses JPSJ 66 (1997) 1962 PDF Spin glass
62 J. Inoue, HN and Y. Kabashima On-line learning of non-monotonic rules by simple perceptron JP A 30 (1997) 3795  -- Neural net
61 J. Inoue and HN On-line AdaTron learning of unlearnable rules PR E 55 (1997) 4544 PDF Neural net
60 HN and Y. Nonomura Quantum effects in neural networks JPSJ 65 (1996) 3780 PDF Quantum information/neural net
59 T. Kadowaki, Y. Nonomura and HN Exact ground-state energy of the Ising spin glass on strips JPSJ 65 (1996) 1609 PDF Spin glass
58 HN and M. Yamana Dynamic probability distribution function of the SK model at high temperatures JPSJ 65 (1996) 3 PDF Spin glass
57 HN, W. Whyte and D. Sherrington Finite-dimensional neural networks storing structured patterns PR E 51 (1995) 3628 PDF Spin glass
56 T. Ozeki and HN Noise distributions in retrieval dynamics of the Hopfield model JP A 27 (1994) 7061   Neural net
55 K. Fukamachi and HN Specific heat of the quantum Heisenberg antiferromagnet on the kagome lattice PR B 49 (1994) 651 PDF Quantum spin
54 HN and I. Opris Retrieval process of an associative memory with a general input-output function Neural Networks 6 (1993) 1061  -- Neural net
53 HN and H. Kawamura Gauge glass ordering in two dimensions JPSJ 62 (1993) 3266 PDF Spin glass
52 HN Optimum decoding temperature for error-correcting codes JPSJ 62 (1993) 2973 PDF Information
51 Y. Ozeki and HN Phase diagram of gauge glasses JP A 26 (1993) 3399 -- Spin glass
50 HN and T. Ozeki Retrieval dynamics of associative memory of the Hopfield type JP A 26 (1993) 859  -- Neural net
49 T. Nakamura, N. Hatano and HN Reweighting method for quantum Monte Carlo simulations with the negative-sign problem JPSJ 61 (1992) 3494 PDF Quantum spin
48 Y. Saika and HN Long-range order in the frustrated XXZ model JPSJ 61 (1992) 3086 PDF Quantum spin
47 Y. Ozeki and HN Lower critical dimension of the XY spin glass PR B 46 (1992) 2879 PDF Spin glass
46 HN Boundary between the ferromagnetic and spin glass phases JPSJ 61 (1992) 1011 PDF Spin glass
45 HN and Y. Saika Note on twisted order in the frustrated quantum Heisenberg model JPSJ 61 (1992) 391 PDF Quantum spin
44 HN and Y. Saika Modified spin wave theory of the two-dimensional frustrated Heisenberg model JPSJ 59 (1990) 4454 PDF Quantum spin
43 T. Nakamura and HN Sequential retrieval of nonrandom patterns in a neural network JP A 23 (1990) 4627  -- Neural net
42 HN, T. Nakamura and M. Shiino Retrieval of spatio-temporal sequence in asynchronous neural network PR A 41 (1990) 3346 PDF Neural net
41 HN and Y. Ozeki Absence of ordering in short-range vector spin glass: Revisited JPSJ 59 (1990) 295 PDF Spin glass
40 HN and H. Nakanishi More about the ground state of the quantum spin system of the triangular lattice JPSJ 58 (1989) 3433 PDF Quantum spin
39 M. Shiino, HN and M. Ono Nonlinear master equation approach of asymmetrical neural networks of the Hopfield-Hemmen type JPSJ 58 (1989) 763 PDF Neural net
38 HN and Y. Ozeki Ground-state long-range order in the two-dimensional XXZ model JPSJ 58 (1989) 1027 PDF Quantum spin
37 Y. Ozeki, HN and Y. Tomita Long-range order in antiferromagnetic quantum spin systems JPSJ 58 (1989) 82 PDF Quantum spin
36 HN, K. Kubo, Y. Ozeki, Y. Tomita and T. Kishi Long-range order in the XXZ model J. Stat. Phys. 55 (1989) 259 --  Quantum spin
35 Y. Ozeki and HN Absence of spin glass ordering in some random spin systems JPSJ 57 (1988) 4255 PDF Spin glass
34 HN and Y. Tomita Ground state of the three-dimensional quantum RKKY spin glass JPSJ 57 (1988) 1566 PDF Quantum spin
33 Y. Ozeki and HN Distribution of Yang-Lee zeros of the ±J Ising model JPSJ 57 (1988) 1087 PDF Spin glass
32 HN and H. Nakanishi Ground state of quantum spin systems on the triangular lattice JPSJ 57 (1988) 626
58 2607 (Erratum)
PDF Quantum spin
31 T. Oguchi, H. Kitatani and HN Perturbational method for the numerical evaluation of the ground-state energy of the Heisenberg model JPSJ 56 (1987) 3858 PDF Quantum spin
30 HN, K. Okamoto and M. Yokozawa Competition between the Neel and the effective singlet states in spin-1/2 alternating Heisenberg-Ising antiferromagnet in one dimension JPSJ 56 (1987) 4126 Quantum spin
29 Y. Ozeki and HN Phase diagram of the ±J Ising model in two dimensions JPSJ 56 (1987) 3265 PDF Spin glass
28 HN Comment on Nemeth's argument on the phase diagram of spin glasses JP A 20 (1987) 3551 -- Spin glass
27 Y. Ozeki and HN Phase diagram and critical exponents of the ±J Ising model in finite dimensions by Monte Carlo renormalization group JPSJ 56 (1987) 1568
Addendum: 56 (1987) 2992
PDF Spin glass
26 HN and K. Okamoto Numerical analysis of spin-1/2 alternating Heisenberg-XY antiferromagnet in one dimension JPSJ 56 (1987) 1132 PDF Quantum spin
25 HN and Y. Taguchi Numerical diagonalization of quantum spin Hamiltonians Prog. Theor. Phys. Suppl. 87 (1986) 247 PDF Quantum spin
24 HN and S. Miyashita Magnetization process of the spin-1/2 antiferromagnetic Ising-like Heisenberg model on the triangular lattice JPSJ 55 (1986) 4448 PDF Quantum spin
23 HN Geometry-induced phase transition in the ±J Ising model JPSJ 55 (1986) 3305 PDF Spin glass
22 HN Exact results on the Ising spin glass in finite dimensions Prog. Theor. Phys. 76 (1986) 305  PDF Spin glass
21 K. Okamoto, HN and Y. Taguchi A numerical study of spin-1/2 alternating antiferromagnetic Heisenberg linear chains JPSJ 55 (1986) 1458 PDF Quantum spin
20 HN, Y.Taguchi and T. Oguchi Ground state of quantum spin glasses with infinite range interactions JPSJ 55 (1986) 656 PDF Quantum spin
19 T. Oguchi, HN and Y. Taguchi Ground state of antiferromagnetic quantum spin systems of the triangular lattice JPSJ 55 (1986) 323 PDF Quantum spin
18 T. Oguchi, HN and Y. Taguchi Ground state properties of the Heisenberg antiferromagnet-- Numerical study J. Mag. Mag. Mat. 54-57 (1986) 1353  -- Quantum spin
17 T. Oguchi, HN and Y. Taguchi The spin wave theory in antiferromagnetic Heisenberg model on face centered cubic lattice JPSJ 54 (1985) 4494 PDF Quantum spin
16 HN One dimensional critical exponent eta as a function of the spin quantum number and anisotropy Prog. Theor. Phys. 73 (1985) 1577 PDF Quantum spin
15 HN and S. J. Miyake Ground-state energy of the Heisenberg model with XY-like anisotropy Prog. Theor. Phys. 73 (1985) 18  PDF Quantum spin
14 HN One-dimensional XY model in Lorentzian random field Phys. Lett. 100A (1984) 239  -- Quantum spin
13 HN Analyticity of the free energy of the two-dimensional random Ising model Phys. Lett. 95A (1983) 303  -- Spin glass
12 HN Potts model in random fields PR B 28 (1983) 4011 PDF Spin glass
11 HN and M. J. Stephen Gauge-invariant frustrated Potts spin glass PR B 27 (1983) 5644 PDF Spin glass
10 HN and R. B. Griffiths Structure and motion of the Lee-Yang zeros J. Math. Phys. 24 (1983) 2637 PDF General spin systems
9 F. Tanaka and HN Distribution of metastable energy levels and the internal magnetic fields in spin glasses JP F 11 (1981) 1237  -- Spin glass
8 HN Internal energy, specific heat and correlation function of the bond-random Ising model Prog. Theor. Phys. 66 (1981) 1169  PDF Spin glass
7 HN Spin quantum number in the ground state of the Mattis-Heisenberg model J. Stat. Phys. 26 (1981) 839  -- Quantum spin
6 HN and M. Suzuki Absence of spontaneous magnetization in spin systems with competing interactions Phys. Lett. 81A (1981) 84  -- Spin glass
5 HN Exact results and critical properties of the Ising model with competing interactions JP C 13 (1980) 4071  -- Spin glass
4 HN Conjecture of the exact transition point of the random Ising ferromagnet JP C 12 (1979) L905  -- Spin glass
3 HN Transition point of the random Ising model with bond dilution JP C 12 (1979) L641  -- Spin glass
2 HN Transition point of the five-state discrete vector model Physica A 97(1979) 589  -- General spin system
1 S. Miyashita, HN, A. Kuroda and M. Suzuki Monte Carlo simulation and static and dynamic critical behavior of the plane rotator model Prog. Theor. Phys. 60 (1978) 1669 PDF General spin system