Dates and Place

Dates: Jan 11-12, 2017

Place: Tokyo Institute of Technology (Ookayama), West 9 building (Access)


A lot of physical systems, consisting of many degrees of freedom, often show intriguing phenomena such as phase transitions, critical fluctuations and anomalous transport. Understanding large scale behaviors of such systems from microscopic description is in general a very difficult task, but many progress has been made in the last few decades by combining physical intuitions and calculations with elaborate mathematical tools and rigorous reasonings.

During the workshop, we will discuss various approaches to this challenging topic, at the occasion of the 70th birthday of Herbert Spohn, who has made essential contributions to many problems in the field, from both physical and mathematical point of view.


T. Funaki(Tokyo), T. Miyao(Hokkaido), K. Takeuchi(Tokyo Tech.), T. Sasamoto(Tokyo Tech.)



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